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en route to games 2013: week 1

Today marks the end of week 1 of hardcore training en route to the Games. The name of the game is qualifying - there’s no point in thinking about winning if we can’t even make it to regionals so that’s where our eye is right now - on qualifying. 

Hardcore training involves WODs that specify movements over reps. Focus is mechanics - consistency - intensity. Can’t climb to the top of the pyramid without a base. Week 1 was bad for me. On wednesday, I suffered a terrible back injury during a deadlift that left me pretty much incapacitated for about 4 days now. Tomorrow is day 5 and the day that I can start testing my body again. 

I’ve been medicating regularly with Anarex and painkillers to reduce inflammation and keep me out of pain. Stretching regularly to make sure muscles dont stiffen up too much, but its not the same. Something’s wrong. Day 4 on recovery feels good but there’s still nagging pains. Forward bending is a bitch and that makes dressing myself tough. - thankfully I don’t like wearing pants anyway. HAH. 

Nutrition wise, I’ve been eating well. Making food that makes me happy. I’m glad Paleo is an option that doesn’t make me compromise on the things that I really can’t live without - like meat. I can’t imagine going vegetarian.. like ever. But I said the same thing about rice and noodles… and yet here we are, halfway into a strict Paleo diet. In case anyone wanted to know, Paleo is a high protein, high fat diet that is low on carbs and sugar. That means we eat like cavemen - lots of vege, meat and fruits but no processed foods, grains, or sugar. Its supposed to give you enough energy to do work but not enough to retain fat - sounds like a good idea except i’m not entirely sure if I’m doing it right. Chocolate and Bacon are allowed though so i’m gonna shut up and follow the plan. We’ll know in a few months if its working haha. 


on a separate note, week 2 looks bleak now. I don’t know when my back is gonna be ready for another WOD. I want to be back but to be honest, I’m fucking terrified of another episode. I don’t even know what really happened back there and a part of me is content with not knowing as long as I’m still functional (yeah ignorance of youth, whatchagonnadohuh). When the injury first happened, it blew my mind. I was instantly worried, scared and humbled. I was in pain and on the floor, slowly digesting the full consequence of what had just happened. And a part of me went dead inside - and unfortunately, it was also the part of me that was the most vocal. I was bratty to Matt to say the least. I feel horrible. 

Gwen sent me home and got me dinner, and I was thankful to have had friends to take care of me. But in the shower, I was thinking to myself what I thought 4 months ago when I first met Bailey. I said to myself, in awe and admiration of her strength, that if I ever get injured again, I’m gonna handle it with grace and dignity - like the way she does. No more whining, no more bitching and no more sad thoughts. You’re not dead yet, so why act like you’re dying? It’s really helped me change the way I looked at my injury. Day 5 is coming, and its testing day. I’m gonna look at doing a short light WOD to test a couple areas of movements. Fingers crossed, i’ll be back to the box soon. 

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